MP3-1380400 - Farkas: The sly students (ballet)

MP3-1380400 - Farkas: The sly students (ballet)
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MP3-1380400 - Farkas: The sly students (ballet)

Ferenc Farkas:

The sly students / Furfangos diakok / Die listigen Studenten

ballet in one act and 6 scenes based on the novel by Mor Jokai

Choregraphy: Gyula HarangozÚ

The story

The director of Debrecen College, Professor Horvŗth, intends his daughter, RÚzsika, to marry JÚzsi, the son of Mr Streber, the town treasurer. However, the girl fancies Adŗm, the poor student, as it turns out in the busy market place of the town where the boy gives the girl a present. Wearing gowns, students enter the market place, and play a prank on form master Mr JÚnŗs who has fallen asleep whilst looking after his young pupils. Adŗm pulls off one of the teacherís boots, and the students dance away with it in the crowd. His boot recovered, Mr JÚnŗs breaks into the room where the professors are buried in their books and are dropping off in the heat. The students are summoned, to call them to account for their pratical joke, and JÚzsi gives away Adŗm, his rival. The culprit is sentenced to a lock-up. Adŗm escapes from his cell to see RÚzsika watering flowers in their yard, and the couple dance merrily. However, Adŗm must leave. Shortly the Streber family arrive to propose, but RÚzsika refuses JÚzsiís hand. Swotting for his exams in the college student room, JÚzsi is drunk under the table in revenge by his fellow students, and the stoned boy is delivered in a comic funeral march to the Horvŗthsíhouse. Coming to, JÚzsi scandalously discredits himself in the courtyard, so nothing now can hinder the happiness of the lovers.

Source: Hungarian TV M3 - ts (1,41 Gb)

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