MP3-1384500 OEDIPE by Enescu - Festival Enescu, Bucharest 2009 dvd-video

MP3-1384500 OEDIPE by Enescu - Festival Enescu, Bucharest 2009 dvd-video
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MP3-1384500 OEDIPE by Enescu - Festival Enescu, Bucharest 2009 dvd-video

Fumbling through my discs I stumbled upon this recording I had forrgotten about. Thus I discovered with surprise and pleasure that a of Enescu's opera exists. It was fimed by the Romanian public Tv during the Enescu Festival, on Aug. 30, 2009. The performance took place on the stage of the Bucharest National Opera and it was a coproduction with Theatre du Capitole de Toulouse [they had presented it before, that same year, and it was imported in Bucharest for one performance]. Invited as guests were conductor Oleg Caetani [who performed some marvels with the orchestra] and baritone Franck Ferrari in the title role [and he was the first I ever heard SINGING the part and not just bellowing]. The rest of the cast is local. The filming is a bit clumsy [looking somehow amateurish] and the image is not quite top-notch, being recorded to fit onto one single-layer disc, but it is still watchable. Romanian subtitles embedded. The greater merit of this recording it's the fact that it exists, being one of the very few of an opera that IMO deserves more. Despite the fact that it was constantly present in the Enescu Festivals and Opera seasons during the past 26 years [after the demise of the communist regime; but also before that] and it had at least 6 different productions in this span of time, I don't recall any other being filmed and/or audio-recorded officially; if they were, no recording is currently available. The music playing is variable, from excellent [orchestra and title role] to modest [some of the local cast]; main problem is the French language.

The credits are copied from a blog, on the only a part of the cast is listed:

OEDIPE by George Enescu Coproduction Theātre du Capitole de Toulouse - Bucharest National Opera Director: NICOLAS JOEL Sets: EZIO FRIGERIO Costumes: FRANCE SQUARCIAPINO Lights: VINICIO CHELI Conductor: OLEG CAETANI Conductor of the choir: STELIAN OLARIU Orchestra and choir of the Bucharest National Opera .... Soloists: Oedipe - FRANCK FERRARI The great priest - ŞTEFAN SCHULLER The Shepard - VALENTIN RACOVEANU Jocaste - OANA ANDRA Laļos - MIHAI LAZAR Tiresias - HORIA SANDU Phorbas - POMPEIU HĂRĂŞTEANU Merope - ADRIANA ALEXANDRU Antigone - CRINA ZANCU The guardian - MIHNEA LAMATIC La Sphynge - ECATERINA ŢUŢU Thesee - VICENTIU ŢĂRANU Woman of Thebe - SIDONIA NICA Creon - IONUŢ PASCU ....

Sung in French with Romanian subtitles. As a bonus - an interview in French with Franck Ferrari for the Romanian Tv

opera - 2h 16' 11" interview - 32' 2"

3.52GB - one disc

*** INFO *** Input Type : MP2V Input Size : 720 x 576 Output Type : YV12 Output Size : 720 x 576 Decoder Type : DXVA2 FrameRate(Frame/sec) : 0.00 (25.00)

*** AUDIO INFO *** SampleRate(Sample/sec) : 48000 BitRate(Bit/sample) : 16 Channels : 2 KBitRate(KBit/sec) : 192